The Road To Recovery

smiling adults in business attire For many individuals suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, life cannot stop. There are business careers that must continue, work functions to attend and social commitments to uphold. With that said, it is a long and challenging recovery road if one does not know how to navigate the sometimes, frightening and insecure feeling one feels when having to live sober and not having a guide to assist in the beginning stages of early recovery.

Transitioning Into The Sober World

I teach you HOW to live sober and best of all happily. I hold you accountable, teach you how to establish strong, healthy boundaries provide you with local recovery meetings, and accompany you to functions, business meetings, social engagements or even grocery shopping. Wherever and whatever is your trigger, I will help you work through it head on…and together! I am a licensed mental health counselor who specializes in addictions. I provide you with counseling in order to get to the core issues. Drinking and drugging was your solution to a much deeper problem, whether it is a lack of self-esteem, trauma, sexual abuse or unmanaged mental illness symptoms that you were self-medicating. Your way no longer works!

tray of alcoholic beverages at a barThe majority of my clients who have been in treatment, fear transitioning back into the sober world. This fear stems from anxiety having to put into practice all the wonderful changes clients make in a structured environment that is a treatment center. Other clients cannot participate in residential treatment due to their high profile status in the community. Others prefer this catered type of treatment because it is more aligned to their accustomed way of living-VIP and specialization.  Everyone deserves recovery that wants it.

Psychoeducational Counseling On Addiction

Additionally, I provide your family psychoeducational counseling on addiction. I teach them about co-dependency, enabling behaviors, emotional blackmail and how to appropriately help and support your recovery.

Contact me only if you have a desire to stop using and are fully committed to treatment, have medically detoxed (and not on maintenance) and have medical clearance. I provide in-office counseling in Cooper City, FL as well as online therapy to anyone residing in the state of Florida.