My Approach to Therapy

My goal as your therapist is to help you increase your happiness and satisfaction with yourself, your relationships and your life, while decreasing any symptoms you may be suffering. I’ll help you become empowered to explore and learn about your concerns while providing an empathetic and understanding relationship. When an individual feels understood and not judged then it sets the pathway for awareness and change.

We’ll work together so you can look for the issues and conflicts that are hurting your progress and work toward resolutions. I can help you find ways to relieve the stress, address the causes, and increase the balance and joy in your life by helping you increase awareness of personal perceptions, current situations, long-standing patterns and family experiences. I’m interested in the issues that are causing problems in your life, how you experience your life and how you think and feel. I embrace the idea that the individual has freedom, responsibility and the self-determination to shape his or her own life. I like to bring awareness and mindfulness of the core issues with the help of my guidance and training in a collaborative, empathetic, safe approach in which to work so you can move in a new direction in your life. I use effective interventions of mindfulness-based techniques that help ground, bring acceptance and change the relationship many have with their emotions.

My dream is to continue making positive change and teaching others the skills they need so they will not need me.

For more about me and the process of psychotherapy and mindfulness, visit some of the other pages on my site or contact me directly at (954) 861-0164 or contact me. You may also call or email me for a free phone or video consultation or appointment.