Helpful Tips to Try Between Counseling Sessions

Between counseling sessions is where you will see progress. I have provided some suggestion you can do. Try one and next time we meet let me know what it was like for you.


Writing whatever words and thoughts are in your head without stopping to judge them is called stream of consciousness journaling. The idea is not to reread it. Just write. Our mind is always in a state of a constant busy chatter. Stream of consciousness journaling helps bring this “chatter” out of your mind instead of having a continued recycling of thoughts. You can bring your journal to your session and share it with me, burn it, shred it or whatever you like.


Being mindful in a nonjudgmental approach of your thoughts, feelings and everyday experiences allows you to become more astute and conscious about your unique style, who you are, and personal dynamics. Mindfulness can be the catalyst of bringing insight and transformation to your consciousness and opening self-acceptance exactly where you are. You can also enjoy mindfulness’s multitude of benefits for your mind and body by using it as a meditation practice.

Express Yourself

I always ask my clients, “What is your passion?” Do what you love whether it’s in a form of dance, painting, writing, music-whatever it may be… just do it!


A great way to get those endorphins going is doing some type of physical activity. Running, swimming, walking, yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, dancing, whatever you enjoy… you will feel better and do better!

Try Something New 

It can be a new thought, a new food, a new activity. Anything.

Spend Time In Nature

We live where people come to vacation. We have so many natural preserves and beautiful beaches to take a walk or just sit and take in. Spending time in nature is relaxing and healing.