Middle School student holding her head in class

Middle School Girls Peer – Building Groups

Groups are usually held on the middle school campus for parents’ convenience. These groups are focused on empowering middle schools girls to learn and instill self-compassion and compassion towards their peers, gain positive body image, learn healthy ways to communicate and learn peer-building skills in order to establish and maintain positive and healthy relationships with their peers. This group is held once a week for 1.5 hours for 8 weeks total.

Asian Man sitting in deep thought

Forgiveness Groups

You may not be ready to forgive but if you’re reading this then maybe you have been thinking about it. This group will show you what forgiveness is and isn’t and help open your mind to forgiveness with a detailed exercise that remains personal and private. No need to share with the rest of the group members. This group is a one-time group lasting 1.5 hours, however you can attend as many times as needed. Come with the curiosity on forgiveness even though you may not be ready to forgive. Preregistration required, space is limited.

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Mindfulness Groups

Mindfulness is the process of being in the moment on purpose, experiencing emotions, sensations and thoughts without judgment. It is a practice that if one focuses on daily, brings more peace, decreases anxiety and helps in the process of acceptance. I will help you learn mindfulness-based techniques that work so you can begin to practice immediately while at home, work, school, anywhere! Mindfulness helps create better concentration, and focus and decreases the need to change or run away from your emotions. It is a research-based intervention that has helped individuals for many years. This group will help you be in the present moment and help decrease anxiety and stress. This group is held once a week for 1 hour. Contact me for an initial consultation and to learn more.

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Emotional Eating Groups

Do you find yourself eating on impulse? Do you notice you eat when you are stressed, anxious, depressed, bored or frustrated? Are you in touch with your emotions or are you stuffing them down with your food? Learn how to be in more control of your eating habits, work on your core issues and relieve undesirable emotions through healthy coping skills. This is a closed group held once a week for 1 hour.